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Investing in the Dubai: Complete Information on Golden Visas, Green Visas, Job Visas, and Entry Permits

In the effort of exploring ways the attract investors, businesses, and human talent to the country and to materialize the scope of vast untapped opportunity, UAE has issued multiple types of visas scheme serving the need of majorly every individual irrespective of nationality, age, gender, education, profession, skill, economical status etc. The following are the different Visa schemes:-

1. Golden Visa –
It is a long term residency visa, which enables foreign talents to live, work and study in UAE for up to 10 years. It is renewable and reserved for certain categories.
As per the Government rule following are the eligible persons-
a) Professionals – Professionals related to all fields and disciplines are eligible but on the below conditions –
- She/he should have a valid employment contract in the country
- She/he must fall under the first or second occupational level classification of the Ministry of HR&ES.
- She/he should be bachelor qualified or it's equivalent
- She/he salary should not be less than AED 30,000 per month.
b) Real Estate Investors - Real Estate Investors are eligible on the below conditions –
- She/he should have bought a property of AED 2 million or more
- She/he has acquired the property via a mortgage from identified local banks
- She/he should have acquired or more or off-plan properties of AED 2 million or more from an approved list of local real estate companies
c) Entrepreneur and Start-up Owners – Entrepreneurs and start-up owners can receive a golden visa provided their company is registered in UAE and comes under the SME category. Apart from this below are some additional conditions –
- She/he was the creator or one of the creators of an entrepreneurial project which was sold for at least AED 7 million or more
- She/he project or idea requires the consent of the Ministry of Economy or a competent authority
d) Exceptional Talents – Individuals with exceptional talent in the field of art, culture, digital technology, sports, innovation, medicine, law and others are

eligible. But it will be on this of talent only irrespective of educational background, employment, monthly income or profession.
e) Engineers – Engineers from various fields of science are eligible on the below conditions –
- In case the degree is from abroad then she/he should have attested degrees from the Ministry of Education.
- She/he should poses a copy of the sponsored residency
- She/he should have a work contract from among the following
disciplines – Epidemiology & Virus, AI, Big Data, and engineering departments – CE, EE, SE, Electrical, GE and BE.
f) Scientists – Scientists and researchers who meet the below conditions are eligible –
- She/he should have a Master's or PhD in engineering and technology, life and natural science from world’s renowned Universities
- She/he must have a recommendation from Emirates Scientists Council Other eligible categories are skilled workers, outstanding Students, doctors, nurses, humanitarians and frontline workers in pandemics like COVID.
The golden visa holders can live outside the UAE for as long as they need. They can sponsor their family and have endless no of domestic help. In case of the death of the Golden visa holder his/her family members can live until the duration of the residency permit expires.

2. Green Visa –
It is a self-sponsored residential visa scheme with 5 years of validity with many benefits.
Its main purpose is to attract and retain talent, skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs and freelancers to boost the local job market.
Eligibility Requirements-
a) Skilled Employees –

- She/he must have a valid employment contract
- Must fall under the first, second, and third occupational levels of the
Ministry of HR&E
- Must poses at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent
- She/he salary should be AED 15,000/- per month or more

b) Freelancer and Self Employed –

- Should have freelancing/self-employment permit from Ministry of HR&E
- Should poses at least a bachelor's degree or specialized diploma
- The last two years' annual income from freelancing and self-employment should be AED 360,000/- or should prove financial solvency throughout the year

c) Investor – For investors who have established or participated in commercial activity
- Should have Approval and permit of investment of AED 1 Million
- In case of multiple licenses, total capital investment will be calculated
- Should have the approval of a local competent authority

Green visa holders can bring family and children to UAE with a boy's age limit of 25 years and no limit for daughters. They are allowed to bring first-degree relatives.

3. Job Exploration Entry Visa –
It is introduced to attract young talent and skills and to explore job opportunities in the local market. It does not require a sponsor or a host and is valid for 60 days and can be extended for 60 days more. It will be granted to those who meet the following conditions-
- Must fall under the first, second, and third occupational levels of the
Ministry of HR&E
- Must poses at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent
- Must be a fresh graduate from among the top 500 Universities in the

4. Multiple Entry Tourist Visa –
Apart from a regular tourist visa sponsored by tourism businesses in UAE, this is a 5 year multiple entry tourist visa. This will allow tourists to enter the country on self-sponsorship multiple times for 90 days which can be extended for 90 days more. But if they fulfil the condition that they must provide proof of having a bank balance of USD 4000/- or equivalent in foreign currency during the last six months before application.

Besides the above entry visa, there are many other types of entry visas –
- Entry permit to visit relative or friend
- Entry permit for a temporary work mission
- Entry permit for study and training
- Entry permit for humanitarian cases

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